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Teams usually contract with independent graphic artists to come up with ideas.

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Q: Where do football teams come up with there logos?
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How many fantasy football teams are on

The number of fantasy football teams changes daily as more users sign up and create teams. There are thousands of users who use the NFL site to play fantasy football.

What is the number of teams in NFL?

There are 32 football teams in the NFL. They are divided up into two 16-team conferences, the NFC (National Football Conference), and the AFC (American Football Conference.)

What is London football team name?

London does not have just 1 football team - it is made up of many teams. For example in the 2007/2008 season there are 5 premiership football teams based in London.

What NFL teams are for sale 2011?

As of 1/23/2011, there are currently no teams that are up for grabs by the National Football League committee.

Where can you find a crochet pattern for a Green Bay Packers afghan?

I have attached a link for a website which gives you free logos for NFL Football teams. It would be up to you to make up an afghan for this logo, then. If you need patterns for afghans, I suggest that you go to and look under afghans to find free patterns online.

Who came up with the idea of football teams?

The person generally credited with the game that developed into the North American Football is William Webb Ellis.

Why do schools come up with symbols for sports teams?

To represent the school.

When wikianswers come up with football in an american question do they mean football or soccer?

Americans call soccer soccer, and football football!

How many college football teams have given up no points during the entire season at home?


When can you sign up for football?

Around April to July. For specific dates go onto the teams website and look up registration

What logo's have only one line of symmetry?

if you search 'symmetrical logos' it will come up with loads of logos with one and more lines of symmetry. Most symmettrical logos only have one line of symmetry as it is easier to make a distinct picture with only one. You don't need an apostrophe before the 's'. It's just 'logos' not 'logo's'.

How many different teams can a user create when playing Fox Sports fantasy football?

When playing Fox Sports fantasy football, a user may create up to 10 different teams/leagues. So a user is allowed to own multiple teams with a limit of 10.

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