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Usually from illegal sources

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Q: Where do bodybuilders get steroids?
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Why do bodybuilders take steroids?

It helps them build muscle extremely fast.

Has Lou Ferrigno taken steroids?

I would say yes he did as most of the bodybuilders of his era did.

Do bodybuilders have small penises?

Some bodybuilders do have small testicles (which is often incorrectly confused with shrinking of the penis), but only because this is a side effects of taking anabolic steroids. Those who don't take steroids, but just pump iron, are perfectly normal.

What is a bodybuilders eat?

meat. a lot of protein. eat your veggies too. i also recommend taking supplements, but NOT steroids.

What is anty?

it is anti-eastrogen, commonly used by bodybuilders to reduce the risk of developing breast tissue" or "gyno" whilst on a cycle of steroids. Other drugs would be taken to compliment steroids and anti-e's to reduce stress on the liver. More info could be found out on bodybuilding websites.

What is the difference between steroids and anabolic steroids?

Anabolic means muscle growth, so anabolic steroids are the type of steroids use to build muscle, the type bodybuilders and sportspeople use. Normal steroids are ones that doctors prescribe to help with certain viruses etc, they do not promote muscle growth but are used as cures for certain things.

Are there any gay female bodybuilders?

Of course, there are millions of bodybuilders so there has to be thousands.

How is bodybuilding related to mainstream media?

bodybuilding is often depicted in mainstream media as being clumsy and lacking intellectual capacity to do anything but lift weights to accomplish their physique. This is however, entirely not true since it takes years of knowledge and dedication to a sport that requires constant goal setting and re-evaluating results to achieve a competitive physique. Many bodybuilders have acquired a PhDs or became successful business owners. Mainstream media, specially Planet Fitness commercials, provide a biased view on bodybuilders and often relate them to steroids. Steroids are not the cause of "roid rage." It is clearly a myth with research done to prove it. The media needs to blame something controversial for something and it is easy for them to blame bodybuilders.

When was National Amateur Bodybuilders Association created?

National Amateur Bodybuilders Association was created in 1950.

How does smoking affect bodybuilders?

Smoking affects bodybuilders by decreasing their lung function and oxygen levels.

When was American Federation of Women Bodybuilders created?

American Federation of Women Bodybuilders was created in 1980.

Why do bodybuilders need an energy supplement?

Bodybuilders need supplements in a variety of reasons. One reason would be to help kick start the bodybuilders metabolism. This helps energy to be used by the body efficiently.