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Q: Where do basketball players play at'?
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What do the players of basketball do?

play basketball

How many NFL players play Basketball?

How many can play basketball?

Where do basketball players work?

They play basketball in a basketball court for your information.

Who can play basketball?

Everyone can play basketball if you have the dedication. Professional women players play in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) while professional men players play in the National Basketball Association.

How many players in basketball play the game?

If someone is in basketball, they play the game.

What do WNBA players do?

They play basketball.

Should college basketball players be paid to play basketball?


How many players play on the court in nba basketball?

5 players per team play on the court in ALL basketball.

Who are 5 famous basketball players and what teams did they play for?

list 5 famous basketball players and state which team they play for

How many players have to be on a basketball team for the team to to play?

At least five players have to be on a basketball team for the whole team to play the game.

Where do basketball players play?

Wherever there is a hoop

What does NBA players do?

play basketball as there jobs.

In what year did basketball players get paid to play?

he year basketball players began being paid was 1896

Does basketball players play for countries or play for their own club?

In the nba they play for their countries. For ABA basketball they play for their clubs

How many players can play in basketball?

up to 5 players on each team can play at once

How many players play basketball at time on playground?

5 to 8 players play at a time

Where do professional basketball players work?

Professional basketball players "work" in there training camps. Which are located separately from the location of the arena they play basketball in.

Why do UFC fighters have to fight?

Football players play football, basketball players play basketball, fighters fight.... quite simply it's their choice.

What percentage of high school basketball players play college basketball?


Do freshman basketball players play on the juniors basketball team?

if you are good enough to

What are the number of players needed to play in basketball?

1,000,000,000 to play in the nba

What is a court?

it is a place where basketball or tennis players play on

How many players does it take to play basketball?


What are some opportunities for basketball players?

They get paid to play.

In what year where basketball players played to play?