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Q: Where do I go to see the colors of Detroit lions?
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Did the Detroit Lions lose every single game in 2008?

Yes. The Detroit Lions became the first team to go 0-16 in an NFL season.

Did any NFL team go 0-15?

Detroit lions, 2008

What year did the lion go to the Super Bowl?

The Detroit Lions have never played in the Super Bowl.

NFL teams to go 0-16?

The 2008 Detroit Lions are the only team to do so.

Teams not to go to Super Bowl?

Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars

Has NFL tema ever go defeated twice?

yes, Detroit lions (0-11, 0-16)

Who is the first team to go 0-16?

The Detroit Lions were the first when they went 0-16 in the 2008 season.

Does Prince Fielder have a wife or girlfriend?

Yes, he does hate you and also has girlfriend. Go Detroit Tigers, Lions, and Redwigs. Go Patriots too.

What team is currently the only team ever to go 0-16 in reagular season?

The Detroit Lions in 2008-2009 Season

Will The Lions Go 0-16 Again?

With the Detroit lions signing the players they did, Philip Bucannon juliun Peterson, Anthony Henry and so on, while having 3 draft picks in the top 33 picks i would say its very unlikey for them to finish 0-16. We should also see much improvement this year with how the team is ran with Jim swartz being our new coach. with all that being said we are still years away from the playoffs............i would also like to add that Detroit is changing there colors and logo for the 2010 season and there website is having a huge sale on jerseys they cost about $10 to $20

What do you see when you go on Psilocybe Cyanescens?

enhanced colors, mainly.

Who was the first Spartan to be drafted into the NFL?

Sid Wagner.Wagner, a guard, was selected by the Detroit Lions in the first round of the 1936 NFL draft. Wagner played for the Lions between 1936-1938 before retiring to go into private business.