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kingstonian football ground

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Q: Where do AFC Wimbledon play their home games?
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What is AFC Wimbledon's nickname?

AFC Wimbledon's nickname is "The Dons"

When was AFC Wimbledon created?

AFC Wimbledon was created in 2002.

When was AFC Wimbledon Ladies created?

AFC Wimbledon Ladies was created in 1994.

What division does AFC Wimbledon participate in?

The division that AFC Wimbledon participates in is the League Two in England.

Where is it possible to watch AFC Wimbledon?

It is possible to watch AFC Wimbledon in Kingston upon Thames, London. AFC Wimbledon are an English association football club based in London and were founded in 2002.

What was the last score between Crawley Town and AFC Wimbledon?

AFC Wimbledon 2-5 Crawley Town

Who played for Portsmouth against AFC Wimbledon?


What year did AFC Wimbledon start?

I think 2002 :) :)

Who are AFC Wimbledons biggest fans?

kurtis is afc Wimbledon biggest fan because he has been to nearly every match.written by the afc Wimbledon team.reported by jack midson , Sammy moore and seb brown.

How many AFC championship games has Tom Brady played in?

He is 5-2 in AFC championship games. He will play in his 8th on 1/9/2014

Which soccer team has the longest unbeaten run?

AFC Wimbledon of the English league went a total of 78 games unbeaten including 1 season winning all the games.

What does AFC stand for in AFC Wimbledon?

Well it really doesn't stand for anything (said by one of the founders, Marc Jones, normally AFC stands for Association Football Club) but it's suggested that it would stand for "A Fan's Club".It Stands for' A Fans Club'Another Football Club in Wimbledon

How many afc championships has Tom Brady played in?

He is 5-2 in AFC championship games. He will play in his 8th on 1/9/2014

Do AFC west teams play AFC east teams?

Yes, but not every year. In general, divisional teams play each other twice per season (home and away), and depending on the season play one game with teams from a different, specified division. In this manner, AFC West teams will play AFC East teams if that is the specified division that season.

Who do the cowboys play in 2011 from the AFC?

The Dallas Cowboys will play the AFC East teams in 2011:Home: Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins.Away: New England Patriots, New York Jets.

Why does the AFC team play on Sunday and the NFC team play on Saturday in the Super Bowl?

For Super Bowl XLVIII the AFC is considered the home team. For the tv broadcasts, the away team plays Saturday and the home team plays Sunday.

What is the colts 2010 schedule?

Every year, the Colts play both home and away games against their division rivals (Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans, and Tennessee Titans). The Colts will also play the AFC West and the NFC North. Home games will be against the Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, and New York Giants. Away games will be against the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Washington Redskins, and Philadelphia Eagles. The remaining two games will be played against the teams who finish in the same place as the Colts in the AFC North and East. The Colts will play home against whatever team finishes in the AFC North division in the same place as the Colts. The Colts will play away against whatever team finishes in the AFC East division in the same place as the Colts.

Does Seattle Seahawks play the Colts in 2010?

No. The AFC division they play in 2010 is the AFC West.

Is the home team of Super Bowl XLVII NFC or AFC?

The designated home team alternates between the AFC team in even-numbered games and the NFC team in odd-numbered games. XLVII is odd-numbered, so the NFC team will be the designated home team.

Are wombles real?

no wombles are not real they are fictional creaturs.that are also the mascot to afc wimbledon football club.

Is the home team of Super Bowl XLVIII going to be the NFC or AFC?

The home team will be the AFC.

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers an NFC or AFC team?

The Steelers play in the AFC (American Football Conference). They are part of the AFC North Division.

When was Neal Ardley appointed?

Neal Ardley was appointed on 10 October 2012 as the Manager of AFC Wimbledon in England.

How are American football schedules worked out?

There are 2 conferences the NFC and AFC. Each Conference has 16 teams. The 16 teams are broken into 4 divisions. (in each conference) Each team plays the 3 other teams in their conference 2 times. (6 games) Each teams plays every team in a non conference division. (for example 1 year the AFC East teams play the NFC East teams, the next year they'll play the NFC West) This adds another 4 games. You then do the same thing against a Conference division. (Jets play the entire AFC West this year- 2008) (4 games) The final 2 games teams play against the other 2 divisions in their conference, the teams that were in the same place as them last year. (The Jets were 3rd in the AFC East last year, so they play the Titans who were 3rd in the AFC South last year, and the Bengals who were 3rd in the AFC North) These calculations result in the 16 games that compose a teams NFL schedule. I don't know how they figure out the home and away games, other than each team plays 8 home and 8 away, and each divisonal opponent teams play once at home and 1 away.

How many AFC championship games have the green bay packers won?

None Green Bay doesn't play in the AFC Green Bay was a NFL team, now a NFC team