Where did volley ball originate?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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It was invented in 1895 by a YMCA teacher, William G Morgan, in Massachusetts, USA.

With the same intention as basketball, also invented there a little earlier, he aspired a spectacular, physically demanding, non-violent team sport suited for the indoor sport season. He was also inspired by handball, baseball and tennis.

Initially it was called Mintonette, but renamed to Volley ball in 1896, later Volleyball.

The modern Volleyball rules have evolved around the world, especially in 1900-1930, with the number of players, spiking and scoring.

It has spawned many varieties, like Beach Volleyball from California, USA and Footvolley from Brazil, especially for outdoor playing. Kidsvolley and Volley 2000, are recent adaptations to young players, allowing a ground bounce, very popular in Northern Europe. In the Netherlands "sitting volleyball" was created for disabled persons.

Faustball has many similarities with volleyball, and was known in Europe already in the 16th century.

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Q: Where did volley ball originate?
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