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It originated with the Chinese characters and was created in Okinawa.

Kara - empty, Te - hand But the symbols for empty and foreign were very similar in Okinawan and as a kind of strange joke, even though karate from Okinawa, it incorporated aspects of White Crane kung fu from China so it was nicknamed foreign hand, karate.

But now it just means empty, but not necessarily of weapons it means empty of wickedness and anger, Funikoshi (founder of modern Shotokan karate) described it as like a mirror reflects what lays before it...

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Karate is a word from Okinawa. The characters originally meant China Hand. It is now translated as Empty hand, which sounds the same in Japanese.

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Q: Where did the word karate come from?
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What language does the word karate come from?

The word karate is from the Japanese language.

Where did the word 'karate' come from?

The word 'Karate' comes from the Chinese words "Tang Hand". The meaning was later changed to "Empty Hand". Both the words are pronounced as 'Karate'.

What language did the word karate come from?

Okinawa **************************** The language is Japanese.

What is a fun fact for karate?

Karate is a Japanese word.

What is the maori word for karate?

karāti is the Maori word for karate. It also means garage.

Were does the name karate come from?

Karate means open hand, no weapons

What is a sentence using the word martial in karate?

Karate is a martial art.

Where is the word karate from?

Karate is an Okinawan word. It is written using Chinese characters and means Empty Hand.

When did the first Karate Kid come out?

The first Karate Kid came out in 1984.

What does the karate word gi mean?

A gi is a uniform that you wear when doing karate

What antonyms does the word karate have?

Karate literally means empty hand in Japanese.

What day is karate kid 2 coming out?

when is karate kid 2 gonna come out

Is karate a European word?

No. It is Japanese.

Did the swan stance come from Karate Kid?

No the swan stance does not come from the Karate Kid. There is no swan stance. What you are probably thinking of is the Crane Stance that is used in the Karate Kid. It is actually seldom seen in karate and is a Kung fu stance.

What is another word for karate?

There really is no equivalent word for karate. Many will use the style of karate, such as Shidokan or Shotokan or Isshinryu, but that is a sub-set of karate rather than saying the same thing. And karate is a sub-set of martial arts, so that is not the same.

How do you say karate in Japanese?

i think karate is a Japanese word it means empty handed.

Did Karate come from China?

Karate came from Okinawa, but owes some of its techniques to the Chinese arts.

When does the movie karate kid come out?

The movie Karate Kid comes out on June 11, 2010.

Did karate come from Africa then went to Asia?

Karate can trace its roots through China and to India.

Is karate a European language?

No, karate is an Okinawan word for a martial art that has spread throughout the world.

Does karate come from Kung Fu?

Karate is a combination of Okinawan wrestling and White Crane Kung Fu.

Does karate come from china?

Indirectly. Karate is a combination of Okinawan martial arts with Chinese kung fu.

When did the movie Karate Kid come out?

The first one :The Karate Kid (1984) So it came out 1984

When did the Karate Kid come out the movie?

The first one :The Karate Kid (1984) So it came out 1984

When will the karate kid come out?

June 11, 2010