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It's an acronym:

Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus = Scuba (not scuba)

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Q: Where did the word SCUBA come from?
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Related questions

Where does the word scuba diving come from?

SCUBA - Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

What does the B stand for in SCUBA?

In the word SCUBA the letter B stands for breathing.

What is the orgin of word scuba?

The word scuba was originally an acronym for self contained breathing apparatus.

Where did the word milf come from?

Like radar or scuba, this is an acronym: Mother I'd Like to F*** --- MILF. Crude, but there it is.

What word means a group of letters where each letter stands for a word?

I think you are referring to what is called an "acronym." For example, the word "scuba" (as in scuba diving) is an acronym. "Scuba" stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

How do you spell Scuba in Italian?

Scuba is a word based on an acronym so it is international, now the word diving will need to be translated.

When did Scuba dress come out on Stardoll?

DKNY Scuba was part of 1st Collection which was released in 2007

What does the word scuba stand for?

SCUBA stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.

How do you use the word scuba in a sentence?

While scuba is an acronym, it is no longer necessary to capitalize every letter of the word.I would like to upgrade my scuba gear.

What is the word that forms the acronym scuba?

SCUBA stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

Did the aqualung come before scuba gear?

Aqualung was the original name for SCUBA, self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.

What five letter word ends in A?


What is the word scuba diving in spanish?

El buceo

Is scuba an example of an acronym?

SCUBA was originally an acronym for "self contained underwater breathing apparatus," but today it's considered a word on its own

Can acronyms be words?

Yes. Scuba is both an acronym and a word.

Can you give your sentence using the word timid?

I was very timid when I heard we had to scuba dive to pass the class because I had never been scuba diving before.

What colors are available for scuba gear?

Scuba gear comes in many different colors. Most scuba suites are black but they do make them in other colors some women like pink. You can get your mask and fins in a variety of colors from blue to yellow to red. Scuba gear has come along way and offers multiple choices.

What colors do the best scuba diving fins come in?

The best scuba gear fins come in a variety of colors. They can include cobalt blue, sunshine yellow, crimson red, and metallic silver. You can purchase fins at stores like Modell's.

What is the name for a word made up from initials such as radar or scuba?


What is the word SCUBA an abbreviation for?

Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

Is CO2 in a scuba tank?

no oxygen is... heres my question, how did you come up with that question!?!?!?!?

How do you use the word diversion in a sentence?

I enjoy scuba diving as a pleasant diversion from my everyday activities. A discussion of scuba diving would be a diversion away from whatever you are currently discussing.

What does buceo mean in spanish?

Buceo is a conjugation of the original verb "bucear" which means "to scuba dive." By dropping the -ar and adding the -o, the word it being changed to "I scuba dive."

Is scuba diving one word or two?


Is it proper grammar to use scuba or SCUBA?

Either, depending on context. Usually, if used as a noun it is SCUBA; as an adjective, as in scuba diver, it is just scuba.