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The term is in fact mediaeval and refers to the Latin medium aevum, which means middle age(s). The American spelling medieval is now in general use in the English-speaking countries.

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Medieval simply means 'of the Middle Age' . History was arbitrarily divided into the Classical period - up to the Fall of Rome - the Dark Ages - between then and, in England, the Norman Conquest - and Modern times. dating from the accession of the Tuydors in 1485. Between the Dark Ages and the Modern period comes the short section - only 400 years - called, from its position in History, the Middle Ages.

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The term medieval originated in the early 19th century, from the Latin medium aevum ("middle age").

The context for the name was that it was the age in the middle between the classical Roman age, and the renaissance and later periods of history.

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Q: Where did the term medieval come from?
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