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the name of a Greek city

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Q: Where did the term marathon come from?
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Where did the term marathon on come from?

The name of a Greek city

How did the first marathon come to be?

The marathon originated in an ancient town in Greece known as Marathon.

Choose the correct answer.Where did the term marathon come from?

In ancient Greece a messenger had to deliver a very important warning. He ran 42km, delivering the important message on time, but because of the lack of training he died out of exhaustion. His name was marathon.

How do you spell half marathon?

Typically the term for a 13-mile run is hyphenated half-marathon.

Where did the olympic games marathon come from?

Pheiddipidies a boy from the town of marathon was told to run to Athens to deliver the news that the Persians had been defeateed in the battle of marathon.

What will come after halo wars?

marathon trilgy

Hw long is the NY city marathon?

26.2 miles. The term "Marathon" refers to the distance of 26.2 miles (42 kilometers).

Where did the term marathon came from?

The Marathon race commemorates the run of a soldier Pheidippides from the Battlefield near Marathon, Greece to Athens in 490BC bringing the news of the victory over the Persians. He collapsed and died at the end of the historic run

Where did the marathon name come from?

The city of Marathon in Greece. The name for the foot-racecomes from the legend of Pheidippides, a Greek messenger who ran from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to announce the Greek victory over the Persians, 490BC. A distance of 42.195Kms

Where did the marathon of the Olympics come from?

The word marathon comes from Greece. After a war a man ran the 26 odd miles to deliver the message that they had won a war, he uttered the message and then collapsed and then died. In memory of this man a marathon is run the exact distance he ran.

How did you come up with the word marathon?

a man ran a long way and died because of it they decided to name it a marathon the first olympics started` in the 1800 's

Where was marathon invented?

The Marathon started in a place called Marathon.

What is a full marathon?

A full marathon is the 26.2 miles that you run for example the London marathon is a full marathon

What is the association between marathon Greece and other marathon races?

Marathon, Greece started the marathon by messengers jogging to and back and forth from Marathon Greece and other cities; hence the name marathon.

Where did the term marathon originate?

Marathon is a place in Greece, there was a battle there between the Greeks and the Persians and the Greeks won they were so thrilled with there victory that the Greeks sent a runner from marathon to anthens to tell of the great victory. The disants between marathon and anthens eg 45 km then originated as the marathon run we have to day but what most people don't know is that the guy died of exhaustion soon after he got there and told every one. he did it in a couple of hours or an hour so he could have one of the best times for a marathon but he died.

Where did the marthon come from?

From the runner who ran the the city of marthon which was a greek that was 25 miles away from Athens

Length of a marathon race?

I depends if you are running a full marathon or a half marathon but a full marathon is 26.2 miles

Where is the Marathon Branch in Marathon located?

The address of the Marathon Branch is: 515 Washington Street, Marathon, 54448 0245

Where does the term greasers come from?

The term greasers come from their greasy hair

Where did the Ancient Olympic Game's marathon come from?

According to legend, the marathon springs from an account of a Greek soldier who ran from the town of Marathon to Athens, which is about 25 miles and some change, to inform the Senate that the Battle of Marathon had been won. The legend states that the soldier ran the entire difficult, mountainous route nonstop, declared "We are victorious", collapsed and died.

How many miles are in half a marathon?

There are 26.2 miles in a full marathon, thus there are 13.1 miles in a half marathon. No odd calculations... a half marathon is a half marathon.

Why are marathons 26 miles long and why is a marathon called a marathon?

there was a guy who ran the marathon at the battle of marathon and so it was created

Length of marathon race?

A marathon is 26 miles and 385 yards. In kilometers the distance of a marathon is 42.19. The marathon is an Olympic event.

Where is the Marathon Public Library in Marathon located?

The address of the Marathon Public Library is: 306 W Attica, Marathon, 50565 0022

Where did the first marathon come from?

the battle of marathon, where a runner took the news of the Athenian victory back to Athens. After running for miles, he entered the city square, screamed "Nike" and then collapsed dead on the spot.

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