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Q: Where did the term golden parachute originate?
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Where does the term parachute originate from?

From the French. Para from Parasol, and Chute=fall

What does golden parachute mean?

A golden parachute is given to an executive of a company if they are laid off due to a change in management or downsizing. The golden parachute is usually a large severance pay.

Where did golden retrievers originate?

Golden Retrievers originate in Scotland.iceland

How would you describe a golden parachute?

Another perk that became popular recently is the so-called golden parachute, which is a protection plan for executives in the event that they are forced out of the organization.

Which language does parachute originate from?

The word "parachute" comes "para", meaning "against" or "counter" in Ancient Greek, and "chute", the French word for "fall".

What adjective describes calf parachute and rule?


What is a golden parachute?

Everytime I hear "golden parachute", it's the ultimate escape. A guy today referred to it when speaking of his birthday falling right before his eligible time to retire with full benefits.

What are the ratings and certificates for CSI Miami - 2002 Golden Parachute 1-1?

CSI Miami - 2002 Golden Parachute 1-1 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-14

When did csi Miami start?

The pilot was in 2002 (Golden Parachute)

Where did the term derby originate?

Where did the term derby originate?

Where does the golden retriever originate from?

The Golden Retriever originated from SCOTLAND.

What is parachute in tagalog term?


Where did the term Pogrom originate during the holocaust?

The term Pogrom did not originate during the Holocaust.

Where does the termboolean originate?

Where does the term "boolean" originate?

Where do parachutes originate from?

Leonardo Da Vinci first drew the parachute in one of his sketchbooks. Faust Vrancic jumped from the Venice tower in 1617, which is described as the first real parachute jump. Jean Pierre Blanchard was the first person to use the parachute in an actual emergency, claiming to have escaped from a hot air balloon by using a parachute in 1793.

What are famous Phrases with the word gold?

All that glitters is not gold. "Good as gold" "Golden parachute" - Getting a large payment to soften the fall of being fired/thrown out of the plane "Golden handcuffs" - Getting a large delayed payment to keep you at a company that has just been taken over "Golden handshake" - Getting a large welcome payment when joining a new company often after the above two incidents "Golden affair" - When needing a large Golden parachute the Director compromises the Human Resources Director by having an affair, giving away promotions and pay rises in return for an extra large golden parachute

Long term career goal?

get the book 'what color is your parachute' read it and do it

Where did the term hokey pete originate?


When was the first skydive?

"Skyidve" is a term coined in the 1950s, previous to that "parachute jump" was most common. The first sucessful parachute jump was excicuted in the late 1800s from a gas balloon.

In which sport does the term the term highly strung originate?

Horse racing

In paintball where did the term G originate?

"G" is not a significant term in paintball.

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Where does the Golden Poison Frog originate?

it comes from the rainforests of columbia, south america