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Q: Where did the saxon and vikings come from?
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Who invaded England after the Anglo saxon?


Where the vikings raiders?

If you are looking for the Era, The Vikings raided was around Anglo-Saxon times

Which Anglo-Saxon leader was able to get rid of the Vikings?

King Harold Godwinson 1066.

How do you know the vikings came to England?

King Alfred started a newspaper called the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

Who are the Saxon and the vikings?

The Saxons were invaders of England from areas which are in modern-day Germany. They took over the country. The Vikings were invaders from Scandinavia. They took control of large parts of England, while other parts remained under Saxon control. Both groups were defeated by the Normans.

Did the pyramids of Giza come before the vikings?

No. they did not come before them. the Pyramids of Giza come right after the vikings.

Vikings come from here?

the vikings came from Scandinavia

What language does Thunorsdag come from?

anglo saxon

How did Norse come to England?

By the Vikings.

What continet did the vikings come from?


What is culture does Thor come from?

The Vikings.

When did the Vikings come?

The Vikings came to Greenland and North America around 1000 CE.