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The Rams (US) football team migrated to St. Louis from Los Angeles.

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Q: Where did the rams play before?
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Where did the rams play before St. Louis?

Los Angelas, California

What city did the Rams play in before St Louis?

Los Angeles

WHAT city did St. Louis Rams play before?

Los Angeles, California

What city did rams play before St. Louis?

Los Angeles, California

What NFL team did Jerome Bettis play for immediately before becoming a Steeler?


What 2 cities did the Rams play in before coming to St. Louis?

los angeles and Cleveland

When did Curt Warner play with the Rams?

Los Angeles Rams (1990).

What state do the rams play in?


What team does NFL taem rams play for?

do you mean what city? if you do then St. Louis Rams

WHO does chris long play football for?

The Rams.

Where were the rams from before Los Angeles?

The Rams played in Cleveland between 1936-1945 before moving to Los Angeles in 1946.

Did Nelly play football for the rams?

no but he did play football in high school

Where did the St. Louis Rams play today?

They didn't play today.

Who do Austin pettis play for who used to play for boise stste?

the rams

When did the rams leave la?

The Rams relocated in 1995 from L.A. to St. Louis. They were originally the Cleveland Rams before moving to Los Angeles in 1946.

What teams did torry Holt play for?

the rams , jaguar.

What State do the St. Louis Rams play in?


Do the St. Louis Rams play in a dome?


Where do the the Saint Louis rams play?

st luise

Will Michael Vick play for the St. Louis Rams?

nO BeCaUz hE plaY fOPR the eaGlEs

Where do the St. Louis Rams play?

Edward Jones Dome

Who was the first NFL team to play in st Louis?

The Rams

What NFL team does denzil Washington son play for?

the rams

Who did jack bighead play for?

Baltimore Colts & LA Rams

Where do the Rams play football in England?

The Rams play football in England at London. They agreed to play in London for the next three years and have already faced the New England Patriots in 2012 at Wembley Stadium.