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Q: Where did the patriots store their weapons?
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Why did the patriots want to capture Fort Ticonderoga?

for their weapons

What weapons did the Patriots and British use?

muskets rifles sabers and

Where did the vikings store all their weapons on the longship?

where did vikings store weapons

How did the patriots have more freedom than the loyalists?

Patriots had more support from militias in the countryside, and the loyalists were few in number.

What problems did the patriots experience in the war in the south-?

Patriots experienced problems such as their weapons becoming soaked and unusable, icy roads prevented walking, & 900 men captured.

What is the purpose of a arsenal?

to store weapons

What kind of weapons did the patriots use in the revolutionary war?

they used weapons like m16 and rbg7 and the also used Mercedes and Ferrari tanks and water guns

On poptropica are you able to use the weapons from the poptropica store?

To use the weapons from the item store, just put it on and press the spacebar on your keyboard.

What were two advantages that the colonists had over the British during the revolutionary war?

Two advantages the British had over the patriots were the British had a Navy and the Patriots didn't and the British had a well trained and more experienced army than the Patriots.

What is the collective noun for weapons?

The standard collective nouns for weapons are:an armory of weaponsa cache of weaponsa store of weapons

Would the patriots would have won the war without help from France and Spain?

No because Great Britain had more troops than the patriots and better weapons.

A building to store weapons and ammunition?

An Armory.