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Well the Golf ball can sometimes feel like it came from out space considering the odd things it least when i sometimes play. But the first golf balls in the game of golf as we know it were first fashioned from wood as were the clubs in Scotland as far back as the 1500's. This progressed to a featherie type ball around 1618 made of goose feathers tightly packed into a sphere from a horse or cow hide when when this dried the ball became hard.

Over the years the ball progressed....

>1848 - Guttie or Gutta percha ball: Made from rubber like sap of the gutter tree found in the tropics

>1898 - Coburn Haskell ball: One piece ball with a rubber core

>1905 - The dimples were applied to the golf ball: The hasken ball had dimples applied to them by William Taylor

>1972 - The Two peice ball: Spalding first introduced the two piece ball

....and even today golf ball design is always changing and progressing!

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Q: Where did the golf ball come from?
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