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The first form of the football was the English Rugby's ball.

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Q: Where did the football first appear?
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Why does the term 'Association Football' Not appear in the description of the Category 'Football - Soccer'?

It does appear in the description, ..the game is sometimes known as 'Association Football' to distinguish it from other football games like..

When did the football first appear?


What will appear for the first time on a football pitch in the UKBlue Square Conference Play off final?

a decent ref?

How does football 10 yard line appear on television screens?

If you are talking about the line ofscrimmage or the First down line it is animated.

When and where did the object the football appear?

The football was found in 1888 and was found in England.

What letter does not appear in any of the English football league teams?

j does not appear

First Asian country to appear in football world cup finals?

No Asian country has yet appeared in a world cup final.

When and where did the football appear?

Europe 1800s

In what year was scoccer invented?

This is up for debate, as football has been played for centuries, but the laws of the game appear to have been first codified in 1863.

When did the India football team first appear in the Olympics?

That was the 1948 Games in London. France defeated India, 2-1. to eliminate them from medal competition.

When did bear Bryant recruit black football players?

The first black football recruit at Alabama was Wilbur Jackson. He was recruited in 1970, but due to NCAA rules preventing freshmen from playing, did not appear on field until 1971.

What phase does chromosomes first appear to be double?

chromosomes first appear to be doubled in anaphase

When did the cycad first appear?

they first appear in prrmian period

When did football first come out?

when did the first football come out

What was football called at first?

American football was first known as association football. The world knows soccer by the name "football," rather than American football.

What year did the key first appear?

What year did the key first appear?

Where did the first novel appear?

The first novel DID NOT appear in Ancient Greece.

What was the first football made out of?

The first football was made out of pigskin

Where was football first thought of?

Football was first invented in England.

Who was the youngest person on the wheaties box?

Samantha Gordon, a nine year old football player, she was picked becausethe company stated that she was chosen because she is an inspiration to young girls. She is the first female football player to appear on a Wheaties box.

Were did football started first started?

If your are talking about football (soccer), It first started in Brazil. If your talking about football (football), It first started in Ancient Greece. But if you mean in our time (sort of), then the first football game was played in 1869. Then more and more colleges started playing football 'till it became a sport.

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Freckles are inherited. They first appear in childhood and if you are going to have them, they usually all appear by your 21st birthday.

What happened to Mark Harmon's leg?

football injury that makes him appear to be knocked kneed

Who is the first football team?

sheffield fc were the first football team

Who first started football in the world?

who was the first person to start football