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Caroline and gorgina

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Q: Where did the everswindell twins grow up?
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Where do the everswindell twins practice rowing?

where did the swindell twins practice rowing

Hobbies of georgina and Caroline everswindell twins?

They love to row

What is the Everswindell twins' hometown?

Hastings, is the town where the Evers Swindell twins, Caroline and Georgina were born on oct 10 1878.

How did the everswindell twins become famous?

They became famous when they won the Olympic women double sculls two times in a row!!!

Where did the evers swindell twins grow up?


When babies can be called twins?

Yes babies can be called twins. Also when they grow up they"ll still be called twins.

What are the names of the everswindell sisters?

Caroline and Georgina

How old is georgina everswindell?

25 years old.

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How many medals the everswindell twin won?

they have won 1 gold but there will be more to come. 19\8\08

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