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Ballet originated in France.

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Q: Where did the ballet dance originates?
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What is a pirouette in ballet?

It is a turn on one leg, you can also do them in modern, jazz and lots of other types of dance becausea lot of dancing originates from ballet.

Were Does Ballet Come From?

Ballet originates mainly from France and Russia

Dance and ballet?

Ballet is dance. there are loadsa different types of dance.

What of dance is involved in ballet?

Ballet is a type of dance.

What was the first dance?

Ballet. Ballet is the foundation of all dance.

What type of art is ballet?

Ballet is a method of dance. Dance is a performing art

Who would dance to ballet?

Ballet Dancers

Where does the word ballet come from?

It originates from the Italian verb ballare, meaning "to dance" (as well as being the root of "ball" to mean a formal dance). The word became ballet in French, which is why English speakers continue to pronounce the last syllable as "ay" rather than "ett".

How do you dance ballet?

You do not only dance ballet, you feel it too! You have to be graceful and you have to do a lot of research on ballet if you want a good dance school and teacher. If you want to dance professionally, you will need to have been dancing ballet to succeed! Ballet is the key to everything! That is what you would do!

Similarities between African dance and Ballet?

Ballet dance and African dance are both performance dances.

What country does the word ballet originate?

Ballet originates from France. I think this is why is has a silent 't' at the end.

How do you use ballet in a sentence?

"I've been studying ballet for ten years now." "Do you dance? What type of dance? Jazz or Ballet?" Ballet is a noun.

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