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Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona

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Q: Where did the Arizona Cardinals play their home games in 1988?
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Where do the Arizona Cardinals play home games?


What is the cardinals home state?

It depends which cardinals. Football Cardinals are in Arizona and Baseball Cardinals are in Missouri.

What is the name of the Arizona phoenix football stadium?

The University of Phoenix Stadium is where the Arizona Cardinals play their home games since 2006. It has seating for at least 63,400 people and hosts a variety of sporting events, including soccer.

Who is the home team for Super Bowl 2009?

The Arizona Cardinals are the designated home team.

When was the Arizona Cardinals first home game?

1972 august 3

What other cities have the Cardinals called home?

* Morgan Athletic Club (1898) * Racine Normals (1899-1900) * Racine Cardinals (1901-1906, reformed 1913-1919) * Chicago Cardinals (1920-1943) * Card-Pitt (1944) * Chicago Cardinals (1945-1959) * St. Louis Cardinals (1960-1987) * Phoenix Cardinals (1988-1993) * Arizona Cardinals (1994-present)

Where in Arizona does Larry Fitzgerald live?

Larry Fitzgerald's home is located in Phoenix, Arizona. He is a professional football player who plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

Did the Arizona Cardinals win the super bowl last year?

No, they have not. They played in one, Super Bowl XLIII in 2009, narrowly losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-23.

What sports stadium starts with the letter U?

University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona is the home of the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League.

What are the colors for the St. Louis Cardinals?

The Arizona Cardinals team colors are Red and White.

Nfl's cardinals what city do they come from?

Presently the Cardinals play their home games in Tempe, AZ with their business offices in Phoenix. They began in Chicago before moving to St. Louis; they stayed in St. Louis until 1988, when they moved to Phoenix.

Do the patriots play a home game in December?

Yes they do. 12/21/2008 versus the Arizona Cardinals.