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Q: Where did hurdling originat from?
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Where did curling originat?


Where did pizza bread originat from?

surely it must be Italy

Did Wilma Rudolph do hurdling?

No, she was a sprinter.

Where has Kala Lagaw Ya originat from?

The Torres Strait Islands of Australia

What has the author Brent McFarlane written?

Brent McFarlane has written: 'The art and science of hurdling' -- subject(s): Hurdling (Track and field) 'Understanding the hurdle events'

What equipment is used in hurdling?

HURDLES! nah-dah

Is hurdling a penalty in the NFL?

Hurdling IS illegal in the NFL and it is similar to the NCAA rule. Hurdling is defined as jumping over an opponent that has no other body part besides at least one foot on the ground. Basically, you cannot jump over another player who is standing. If they have a knee on the ground or their hand, they can be jumped over.

How do you train for hurdles?

Hurdling, sprint workouts, lifting weights

What is hurdling in an opstical course?

Throwing or jumping over objects.

How do you become rank 3 on mln?

You make a millstone hurdling module and win.

When did hurdling become legal in national football league?

It was never illegal in football.

How do you get the Giant's hat blue print in mln?

put a millstone hurdling module on your page.