Where did golf originate?

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From Scotland but some say holland and many other places

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Q: Where did golf originate?
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Related questions

Did golf originate in Iceland?

No golf did not originate in Iceland, to my knowledge it originated in Scotland.

In what part of Scotland did golf originate?

St Andrews is referred to as the Home of Golf

Where did the term get your lie straight originate from?


Where did the modern game of golf originate?

The United Kingdom

Where did the term golf originate?

gentlemen only ladies forbidden

Where did golf originate from?

Scotland in the 1400's It came to England in 1603.

Did golf originate from holland?

Golf originated in The Netherlands sometime around 1297. It has often been argued that Golf originated from Scotland, but this is not true. Golf came to Scotland in the mid 1400s.

Did the word 'par' originate from golf?

== == No. It comes from the Latin word "par" meaning "equal".

What part of Scotland did golf originate?

Edinburgh. Surviving records indicate that the first game of golf was played at Bruntsfield Links, in Edinburgh, Scotland, in A.D. 1456.

Where did the name 'golf' originate?

It is said that when the Scots popularized the game, it was termed Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden.

Where did the word Tee in Golf originate?

it fell out of a monkeys a-s-shole!! if you want to trick someone click here!!

How did golf originate?

The first game of golf for which records survive was played at Bruntsfield Links, in Edinburgh, Scotland, in A.D. 1456, recorded in the archives of the Edinburgh Burgess Golfing Society, now The Royal Burgess Golfing Society. Scholars have claimed references to a form of golf from hieroglyphs found on stone tablets dating to ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. Golf is a game the exact origins of which are unclear. The origin of golf is open to debate as to being Dutch or Scottish. However, the most accepted golf history theory is that golf (as practised today) originated from Scotland in the 1100s

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