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Q: Where did don meridith of the dallas cowboys attend college?
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What years did don meridith play for cowboys?

Don Meredith's final season with the Cowboys was 1968.

Did any of the Dallas Cowboys go to college?


What college has produced the most players to have played for the Dallas Cowboys?


Who wears No. 24 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Cornerback Morris Claiborne, the Dallas Cowboys' first selection in the 2012 National Football League college draft, wears No. 24.

Are the Dallas Cowboys in college football?

No, they are apart of the NFL (National Football League).

What college football team does Selena Gomez like?

it maybe the dallas cowboys

Who drafted Danny white?

The Dallas Cowboys in the 1974 NFL college draft.

How did the Dallas Cowboys become the Dallas Cowboys?


Where did Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber go to college?

University of Minnesota

Who are the Washington redskin's rivals?

The Dallas Cowboys.

How does one apply to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader?

To apply to become a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader you would have to attend an audition. For more information regarding how to attend an audition, as well as other frequently asked questions, you can visit the official Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders website.

When did Felix Jones get drafted in Dallas Cowboys?

The running back from Arkansas was drafted by the Cowboys in the first round of the 2008 NFL college draft.