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Don Haskings coached College Basketball at Texas Western.

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Q: Where did don haskins coach college basketbal at?
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Who was the coach for Texas Western in 1966?

Don Haskins

What is the birth name of Don Haskins?

Don Haskins's birth name is Donald Lee Haskins.

What were some of the odds that coach don haskins and the team had to overcome in the movie glory road?

The odds were alot

What nicknames did Don Haskins go by?

Don Haskins went by The Bear.

When was Don Haskins born?

Don Haskins was born on March 14, 1930, in Enid, Oklahoma, USA.

What has the author Don Haskins written?

Don Haskins has written: 'Haskins' -- subject(s): Basketball, Basketball coaches, Biography, University of Texas at El Paso

When did Don Haskins die?

Don Haskins died on September 7, 2008, in El Paso, Texas, USA of congestive heart failure.

Who is currently the winningest college football coach?

NFL: Don Shula.

Who played Don Haskins in the movie Glory Road?

Josh Lucas.

When was Don King - coach - born?

Don King - coach - was born in 1926-02.

When was Don Lawrence - coach - born?

Don Lawrence - coach - was born on 1937-06-04.

What team is Don Mattingly the hitting coach for?

Don Mattingly is the hiiting coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers.