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bronze came from south and East Asia. bronze came from south and east Asia.

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Q: Where did bronze come from in early China?
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Where did tin come from in the early bronze age?

Tin mines.

What sources do historians use in order to understand the history of the civilizations in the Late Bronze Age?

source to understand bronze age in early China

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China stood first in 2008 Olympics with 51 Gold, 21 Silver and 28 Bronze Medals

What were ancient china weapons made of?

Ancient China spans over 5000 years, which period are we talking about? There was the Bronze age : bronze a mix of copper and tin The Iron age The fire/Guns age: Chinese started use gun powder as early as the 1400's .

What did china come on the medal tally at the 2008 games?

1st with 51 golds, 21 silvers, and 28 bronze medals

What is the color of the Red deer from China?

They're called Chinese water deer then are a red/bronze colour and originally come from China but can now be found in other places such as the UK

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Which dynasty became known as the bronze age of china because it focused on bronze artwork?


What are human characteristics of ancient china?

china uses bronze to make stuff

What time did Medusa die?

Early bronze age Greece, early in the morning.

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What term describes the shang dynasty?

bronze Age China