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Brian Dawkins attended college and played football at Clemson University.

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Q: Where did brian dawkins go to college?
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What number did brian dawkins where in college?

He wore number 20, always has from college up

Where did Eagles Safety Brian Dawkins Attend College?

Clemson University

Why did the eagles trade Brian dawkins?

Yes, then Brian Dawkins went to the Bronco's.

What is Brian Dawkins's birthday?

Brian Dawkins was born on October 13, 1973.

When was Brian Dawkins born?

Brian Dawkins was born on October 13, 1973.

Is gospel singing duo Dawkins and Dawkins related to Brian Dawkins?


How old is Brian Dawkins?

Brian Dawkins is 37 years old (birthdate: October 13, 1973).

How many kids does Brian dawkins have?

He has a son Brian Dawkins Jr. and two younger girls who i do not know the name of

Who is the best fs?

brian dawkins

Would Brian Dawkins still be a clutch player if he came back?

No, Brian Dawkins will not be a clutch player if he came back.

Who is better Brian Dawkins Or Sean Taylor?

Brian Dawkins is the best safety in the league hands down. He is an amazing hitter and no one can get by him.

Brian dawkins plays for what team?

Brian Dawkins has been signed by the Denver Broncos after spending 13 years with the Philadelphia Eagles.

How much can brian dawkins bench?


What is brian dawkins middle nmae?


Who has been on the eagles the longest?

Brian Dawkins

How fast did Brian Dawkins run the 40 yard dash?

he ran a 4.5 coming into college and when he left he ran a 4.3

Is Brian Dawkins on the broncos in madden 12?

If Brian Dawkins was on the broncos in the regular season through 2011-2012 then yes. Tim Tebow will be on it to!

Who is the best free safety in the NFL?

brian dawkins

Most games as a philadelphia eagle?

Brian Dawkins

When did brian dawkins change numbers for the eagles?


Did Brian Dawkins retire after 1 year with the Broncos?


How many people has Brian Dawkins injured?


Where can one find a Brian Dawkins jersey?

A Brian Dawkins jersey can be found at any professional sports store. The Brian Dawkins jersey is a sought after jersey so it is suggested that an availability search get accomplished on line prior to shopping at the professional sports store.

Who has the most pro bowls as an eagle?

brian dawkins brian dawkins If you wanna watch probowl tonite live online visit >> footballonlinestream(dot)com

Is Brian Dawkins going to retire in 2011?

On April 28, 2012, Brian Dawkins signed a one-day contract to officially retire as a Philadelphia Eagle.