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West Ham's stadium, the Boleyn Ground, is located on Green Street, Upton Park.

This is why the stadium is sometimes known as ' Upton Park '.

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Q: Where did Upton Park get its name from?
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What is the name of the west ham stadium?

West ham`s football ground is called the Boleyn Ground and its in Upton Park.

When did Upton Park F.C. end?

Upton Park F.C. ended in 1911.

When was Upton Park F.C. created?

Upton Park F.C. was created in 1866.

When was Upton Park tube station created?

Upton Park tube station was created in 1877.

Why is Upton Park also called Boleyn Ground?

The stadium is officially called the Boleyn Ground, although it is located in Green Street, Upton Park, hence why it is referred to as ' Upton Park '.

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In what year was Upton Park constructed?

Upton Park was constructed in 1904 but it has been rebuilt and added to many times since then. None of the current stands are from the original building but the location is the same. It is officially called the Boleyn Ground.