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1996. They beat Alabama 45 to 30 in the SEC Championship and then beat Florida State 52 to 20 in the Sugar Bowl.

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1996 - although controversial

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Q: Where did UF win their first National championship?
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What was the score of the 1996 National Championship Game between UF and FSU?

UF 52- Fsu 20

How many football championship has UF won?

UF have won three nations championship and nine SEC

What university won the first Bowl Championship Series title game?

uf Florida

When did Florida gators get first black quarterback?

Don Gaffney -- October 3, 1973. He lead UF to a win AT Auburn. Not only was he the first black QB to start a game at UF, but he was the first to start in the SEC! A Great Gator!

How many times have the uf gators won the college hockey championship?

i dont know

What is the win-loss record for UF's first official football season in 1906?

5 wins, 3 losses, 0 ties

Who has the lead UF or FSU?

In number of wins, UF, but neither made it to the National BCS Bowl... FSU did NOT make it into the BCS bowls, but UF did make it into the BCS SUGAR bowl.... hope this helps oh, and UF won 51-24 in the Sugar Bowl

What is the erollment at uf?

what is the enrollment at uf

Who did UF defeat to capture their first Orange Bowl victory?


What was the final score of the 1996 National Champioship game against Florida State?

Uf 52 - fsu 20

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Which team won the first UF vs FSU rivalry game?