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The company who make the Tiger head covers is called Daphnes.

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Isleworth in Florida is his home club, he was at the club the night of the crash.

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Q: Where did Tiger Woods get his golf club cover?
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Frank is the name of the tiger golf club cover owned by whom Ernie Els Vijay Singh Tom Kite Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods

What did Tiger Woods penetrate the girl he cheated on his wife with?

His "golf club" (innuendo! ;) )

Which sports does Tiger Woods play?

Tiger Woods plays golf.

Where can you find Tiger Woods Gatorade tiger sports bottle?

At a golf course or at Sams club or meijers or Kmart

When did Tiger Woods first start to play golf?

at nine months he swung his first club and hit a golf ball

Who is famous and plays golf?

How about Tiger Woods Tiger Woods

What made Tiger Woods golf?

His dad was a keen golfer and Tiger used to enjoy following him on the course and watching him play. As soon as Tiger Woods picked up a club it was obvious he had natural talent.

What is the general distance a 6 iron golf club should hit a golf ball?

tiger woods 225 yards average 160

What was Tiger Wood's home golf club?

Tiger Woods' home Golf club is Isleworth in Florida. He has been a member there for many years. He has played for them in many Tavistock Cups, which is a golf competition between Lake Nona and Isleworth Golf clubs, two local rivals.

Which golf player's mother was born in Thailand?

Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods

What sport does Tiger Woods play?


At what age did tiger's father teach him golf?

Tiger Woods used to watch his father swing a club from a very young age. He picked up a golf club as soon as he could walk, and his father taught him for many years.