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Q: Where did Roberto Luongo play before playing for Vancouver?
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What team did Roberto Luongo play for before Vancouver Canucks?

The Florida Panthers

What religion is Roberto Luongo?

Some say he is Jewish, but really he is christian.

How many games had Massimo Luongo played with Australia before the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Massimo Luongo had played 1 time for Australia before the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

What was the Vancouver hockey team called before the canucks?

They were the Vancouver Millionaires.

How many times has Vancouver hosted the Olympics?

Vancouver has never hosted the Olympics before the ones they are currently holding.

Where did the Memphis grizzle play before Memphis?

Before they played in Memphis they were in Vancouver.

Before Vancouver there was an Olyimpics in 1988 but where?

Calgary Alberta Canada

Who was Manchester Citys manager before Roberto Mancini?

Mark Hughes

What is the last town in WA before Vancouver Canada?

Port Angele's

Is Vancouver in Washington or Oregon?

Its in neither. Its on the lower left corner of Canada *Actually there are two cities that share the name of Vancouver. One of which is in British Columbia and the other one is in Washington State. In fact Vancouver Washington was established some thirty years before Vancouver British Columbia was. *

Where did Roberto clemente live when he was an adult?

Roberto clemente was very poor when he was young and married vera cristina and had 3 sons before he died i a plane accident .

Did the Vancouver Canucks ever win in Boston before?

No actually but maybe someday they would