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The game was an SEC contest, although I don't remember who it was against, but it was in the John M. Parker Center on the LSU campus. Interestingly enough, the same venue was used in the movie "GLORYROAD" as the Final 4 UTEP-KY National Championship game because of its period feel (mid 1960's)

You did not list which record you are referring to. Pete Maravich scored at least 50 points 10 times in 1970. He scored at least 50 points in 3 conservative games in 1969. He scored at least 50 points 28 times over his 3 year career 1968-70. He has the most field goals in a career with 1,387 and the most in a season with 1,168. He has the most points in a career with 3,667 points and did it in only 3 years. He had the highest season average with 44.5 points in 1970. He had the highest career average at 44.2 points per game also in only 3 years. He also has the record for the most free throws made in 1969 against Oregon in a game where he made 30 on 31 attempts. He also scored all these point with no 3 point goals as they were not allowed when he played.

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Q: Where did Pete Maravich score to break the NCAA scoring record?
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