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Michael Jordan made his slam dunks on the Basketball court during basketball games.

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Q: Where did Michael Jordan make his dunks?
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How many dunks did Michael Jordan make in his basketball career?

5,000 dunks

How many dunks did Michael Jordan make in his career?

alot maybe all shots were dunks for him

How many career dunks does Michael Jordan have?

2003 dunks

Does Kobe Bryant have more dunks than Michael Jordan?

I think Micheal Jordan has more dunks then Kobe

Does Michael Jordan have the most dunks?

there is no records of how many dunks any one player has done

How many dunks did Michael Jordan get in college?


Who has the most recorded dunks in an NBA Career?

Michael Jordan

What is the song with the part Michael Jordan dunks it in the song?


How many dunks has Michael Jordan missed?

He never misses!

Why does Michael Jordan stick his tongue out when he dunks?

He does to commemorate his father after he died

How did Michael Jordan save the world?

of course Michael Jordan saved the world in basketball with his slam dunks and creativ ways to dunk it

How many career dunks did Michael Jordan make?

Between 1984 and 1996, Michael Jordan made 2,186 dunks during the regular season and he dunked 448 times during playoffs. These numbers don't include, however, pre-season games, All Star games, dunk contests, and any slam dunks he made prior to his career in the NBA.

What skills does Michael Jordan use?

He dunks the basketball from the free throw line

How did Michael Jordan get his nickname?

he got his nickname because of his slame dunks.

How many points did Michael Jordan score when he was playing UNC basketball?

he did 1.000 dunks

What do LeBron James and Michael Jordan have alike?

great players, monster dunks, and great in transition.

What is Michael Jordan's signature move?

its that dunk where he leaps from the free-throw line and one hand dunks it

Another name for a snow leopard?

Michael Jordan has 350 dunks in his basketball career OUNCE

Does Michael Jordan make Jordan shoes?


Who had the most dunks in basketball history?

Micheal Jordan

How many slam dunks did Micheal Jordan do?


Are Nike dunks the same as Air Jordan 1?


How much did Michael Jordan make from shoes?

Michael Jordan makes 57.8 billion a year!

How do you unlock Michael Jordan on nba2k10?

no,you can't unlock Michael Jordan because 2k sports didn't make Michael Jordan and they will maked it this 2011 for the nba2k11

Who has the most NBA career dunks?

the best is michle Jordan