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it came from the Boston

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Q: Where did Miami Heat basketball team come from?
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Which basketball team has come back from a 3 loss in the finals?

Miami Heat

What is Chris Brown's favorite basketball team?

Miami HeatChris Brown's favorite basketball team is Miami Heat.

When did the Miami Heat start as a basketball team?

1988 was when the Miami Heat was formed.

When did tha Miami basketball team start?

Miami Heat basketball team debuted for the 1988-1989 season.

What is Miami heat?

Miami Heat is a basketball team from Miami. Notable players include LeBron James

Where can a person find the schedule for the Miami Heat basketball team?

The schedule for the Miami Heat basketball team is available from the team itself on its homepage, or from the NBA. It is also possible to get a schedule in hard copy when attending a Heat game.

What is the stadium in Miami for the Miami Heat Basketball team?

The American Airlines Arena

What the most popular basketball team?

Miami heat

When did the Miami Heat become a basketball team?


Who is lebron favorite basketball team?

miami heat

Who is the most popular team in basketball?

Miami Heat

What was the best basketball team in 2011?

miami heat

What team in Jersey does LeBron James play for?

LeBron James does not play for a basketball team in New Jersey. LeBron is currently playing for the basketball team in Florida known as the Miami Heat.

Which NBA basketball team has the best record?

the Miami heat

Chris bosh plays for which basketball team?

Miami heat

What is t-pain's favorite basketball team?

Miami heat

Who is Trey songz's favorite basketball team?

Miami heat

What is drake's favorite basketball team in the nba?

Miami heat

Who is the center on Miami Heat basketball team?

Joel Anthony

What is public contact information for Miami Heat?

The Miami Heat phone number is (786)777-1000. The Miami Heat basketball team is in the Eastern conference of the NBA.

What is cameon boyce favorite basketball team?

Cameron Boyce's favorite basketball team is the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA)

What person named the Miami Heat basketball team?

ted arizon

What is the name of Miami Heat's home court?

The Miami Heat's home court is named the American Airlines Arena. The professional basketball team is located in Miami, Florida.

Does Shaquille O'Neal play for the lakers basketball team?

no he plays on Miami Heat!!!!

Who is number 3 for the Miami Heat basketball team?

Dwayne "the flash" wade