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Manchester City FC is located in Manchester England, so they cleverly took the name of the city and added city to the end of it.

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Q: Where did Manchester city get its name?
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What city is man city stadium in?

The Manchester City stadium is in the City Manchester. The name of the stadium is The City of Manchester Stadium.

What is the name of Manchester city football studium?

Manchester City's stadium is called Etihad Stadium, named after their sponsor.

Is Manchester city in Manchester?

Yes, Manchester City is in Manchester.

What is the name of Manchester City's football pitch?


What is Manchester cities nick name?

Manchester city's nicknames include City, the Citizens, the blues, and the sky blues. City and the blues are the more common ones.

Where is the Copthorne Hotel Manchester located?

The Copthorne Hotel Manchester is located in the English city of Manchester as it's name suggests. It's sutuated just outside the city center along the Manchester ship canal.

Who is the best Manchester city or Manchester united?

Manchester city

What is the name of Manchester city's previous stadium?

Maine Road.

Which city is midsouth of Manchester?

The city that is midsouth of Manchester is still in the City of Manchester. Midsouth is just a term used for the midsouth portion of the City of Manchester.

When was Manchester city created?

The club was first founded in 1880 as St Mark's (West Gorton), however in 1894 the name was changed to Manchester City F.C.

What city is Manchester city stadium is?

Er, Manchester?

What city does Manchester united come from?

manchester city