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Istanbul In 2005

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Q: Where did Liverpool win their most recent Champions league?
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What year did Liverpool win their 5th champions league?

Liverpool's most recent, fifth, Champions League title came in the 2005 competition.

Who did Liverpool play in their most recent Champions League Final match?

AC Milan

Who has the most champions league titles in English premier league?

Liverpool 5

Who won the most champions league matches is it Liverpool or Barcelona?

Liverpool have 5 trophies.

Who has scored the most goals in a champions league game?

The record Champions league scoreline is Liverpool 8 Besiktas 0

What player won the champions league the most times with Liverpool?

Steven Gerrard

Who won the most the champions league title from England?

Liverpool have won the most champion league titles with 5 trophies.

Which English team has won the most Champions League?

Liverpool - they have won it 5 times

Which English club has won the champions league the most times?

Liverpool 5 times

Most successful football team in Europe?

Judging by recent performances, Barcelona. But, Real Madrid has won more La Liga's and more Champions League titles. In England, Manchester United are the most successful at the moment, but Liverpool have the second most Premier League titles. Only a one behind Man U. Liverpool also have more Champions League titles than Man U and Barcelona. Out of Real Madrid and Liverpool I'd say Real Madrid, but I'm a huge Liverpool fan!

Which English club has won the most European trophies?

Liverpool With 5 Champions League Trophys

What team has won the uefa champions league the third most times?

It is Liverpool five times.

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