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Texas University

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Q: Where did Kevin Durant play college basketball?
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Did Kevin Durant play college basketball?

Texas University

What college did NBA player Kevin Durant play for?

NBA player Kevin Durant played for Texas.

What sport does Kevin durant play?

Basketball with Oklahoma City Thunder of NBA

What NBA team does Kevin Durant play for?

Kevin Durant plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

What team does kevin Durant play for NBA?

Kevin Durant plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

What sport did dirk nowitzki and Kevin Durant play professionally?

Both of these athletes are NBA basketball players. Dirt Nowitski plays for Dallas Mavericks and Kevin Durant players for oklahoma city thunder.

What does Kevin Durant play?

Small Forward

Is michael jordan the best basketball player ever to play the game?

He's good but NO. Kevin durant & Lebron r better

What position does Kevin durant play?

Small Forward

What position Kevin durant play?

Small Forward

Did Kevin Hart play basketball for temple university?

No. Kevin Hart did not attend Temple University or play college basketball. He attended a community college in New York and earned an associate's degree. Kevin Hart is currently working on writing a script called Ballers, which will be a movie about fantasy basketball camp.

Who is taller Kevin durant or Jeff green?

Actually, No one is taller Kevin Durant and Jeff Green both who play for the Oklahoma City Thunder National Basketball team are the same height. Averaging in about 6 foot 9 inches each.

What team does Kevin Durant play for?

the Oklahoma city thunder

What team kevin Durant play for?

the Oklahoma City thunder

Does Kevin Durant play for the Bulls?

No. He plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Did Kevin durant play for the seatle super sonics NBA?


When will Kevin durant come to New York?

Whenever the Thunder play at the Knicks.

Is Kevin durant a shooting guard?

No. He is a small forward, and can play power forward.

What sport does Kevin Durant play professionally?

Basket Ball you DA (eyeroll)

What college did NFL player Justin Durant play for?

NFL player Justin Durant played for Hampton.

Was Kevin Nash an NBA player?

No. Kevin Nash was never an NBA player. He did play college basketball for the University of Tennessee and later played professional basketball in Europe but a torn ACL cut his career short.

Is Kevin durant a shooting or power forward?

He is mainly a small forward, but he can play the 4.

What basketball position does Kevin ware play?


What is 10 athletes and the sport they play?

derek jeter baseball kevin durant basketball lebron james basketball tim tebow football josh hamilton baseball tom brady football a rod baseball carmelo anthony basketball ryan callahan hockey kobe bryant basketball

How can I play college basketball?

You will need to get a college scolarship.