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Q: Where did Jim Thorpe's second wife come from and what was her maiden name?
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George Washington's mothers maiden name?

Her name was Mary Ball, George Washington's father's second wife.

Why was the name hunter popular?

It is my maiden name. I named my second son Hunter. They called my grandfather simply Hunter...his last name. They come from a long line of hunters and butchers.

Was buzz Aldrin's mothers maiden name moon?

yes her maiden name was moon, her full name is Marion Moon (Buzz Aldrin was the second man on the moon in 1969.)

What was the name of David Pelzer's second wife?

Marsha Pelzer. Her maiden name was Marsha Donohue.

Where did josie Stevens come from?

her maiden name is esposito, josie pearl was her playboy name

Dr seusss second wifes maiden name?

Audrey Stone Dimond

Which name comes first in a hyphenated name the maiden name or the married name?

The maiden name come 1st. For example. Mellissa Anne Jones marries Peter Smith. She changes her name to Mellissa Anne Jones-Smith. In my case i have my mothers maiden name thru my parents divorce

What was cheryl Cole's second name after she got married?

She did not get married again but she is sticking to her maiden name, which is tweedy

What does George W Bush's middle name Walker come from?

Walker is his mother's maiden name.

What is president Richard Nixon's second name?

Richard Milhous Nixon. Milhous was his mother's maiden name.

Where does the name Virgo come from?

Virgo comes from Latin meaning "virgin maiden".

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when she was born her name was Cheryl Ann but then she married the footballer Ashley Cole and then her name became Cheryl Cole because that's what happens when you get married the woman's second name turns into the same second name as the mans.