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Jerome Bettis was a running back on the Rams and the Steelers. His nickname on the Steelers was The Bus. It came from Jerome's ability to carry multiple defenders on his back, like a bus ride, during his carries.

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Type in Jerome Bettis on Google and you will find out! Or see him plowing over Brian Urlacher in 04.

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Q: Where did Jerome Bettis get his nickname 'The Bus'?
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Who was the football player that was nickname the bus?

Jerome Bettis

What Cowboy player had the nickname Bus?

NO they didn't. The Steelers had Jerome Bettis as the BUS. And the Redskins had a player with the nickname of a Mack truck.

What nicknames does Jerome Bettis go by?

Jerome Bettis goes by The Bus.

Who is the bus?

Jerome Bettis

Whose name was 'The Bus' for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Prior to Jerome Bettis, there was no Steeler called 'The Bus', he was the first.

Which previous player from the Pittsburgh Steelers was known as The Bus?

Jerome Bettis

What number did Jerome Bettis wear when he was with Pittsburgh?

"The Bus" wore #36.

What is the birth name of Jerome Bettis?

Jerome Bettis's birth name is Jerome Abram Bettis.

Are mega men multivitamins all right to take?

sure Jerome Bettis is on the comershials and he is a bus so if you want to be the next Jerome Bettis take em ------------------------ Timmy, 5 years old PS Jeroem Bettis is my papa

When is Jerome Bettis' birthday?

Jerome Bettis was born on February 16, 1972.

What is Jerome Bettis's birthday?

Jerome Bettis was born on February 16, 1972.

When was Jerome Bettis born?

Jerome Bettis was born on February 16, 1972.