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Q: Where did Jackie Robinson's dad leave to?
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When did Jackie robinsons dad leave him?

18 monthes

Why did Jackie robinsons dad leave his family?

to visit his brother in texas but then never came back

Who did Jackie Robinson look up to?

Jackie Robinsons role model was someone named ____. Look him up.

Was jerry Robinson Jackie Robinsons dad?

Jackie Robinson did in fact have a father... At first. One day his dad said he wanted to visit his brother in Texas. His dad left but never came back. Jackie and his family then moved to Pasadena California. Jackie ended up joining a gang called The Pepper Street Gang. A pastor from a church decided to help Jackie become a better person. The pastor was with Jackie all through High School and even College.

Who are jackie Robinsons parents?

His mom's name is Molly Robinson, but I forgot the dads name

How was Jackie robinsons families life?

jackie's family was the best to him.

What were Jackie Robinsons values?


What was Jackie robinsons college?


What was the numberof Jackie Robinsons jerssy?

Jackie Robinson's number was 42

What date did Jackie robinsons mom die?


Where was Jackie Robinsons birth?

In Cario,Georgia.

Jackie robinsons hitting avreadge?