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Emmitt Smith was in Pensacola, Florida on May 15 1969

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Q: Where did Emmitt Smith grow up?
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Who is Emmitt Smith?

emmitt smith

Who is emmitt smith dad?

emmitt smith

How fast did emmitt smith run the 40 yard dash?

Emmitt Smith ran the 40 yard dash in 4.5 seconds. Emmitt Smith was a football player for the NFL up until his retirement in 2000.

Is emmitt smith's father dead?

Emmitt Smith's father, Emmit Smith Jr. is not deceased. His father still resides in Pensacola Florida were he grew up.

Who did Emmitt Smith look up to?

his dad emmit smith II

How much money does emmitt Smith have?

emmitt smith

Does emmitt smith have MySpace?

yes Emmitt smith has Myspace

What is emmitt smith's fathers name?

Emmitt Smith Jr.

Who are emmitt smith's parents?

Mary Smith (mother). He had no father growing up.

Emmitt Smith wore what number?

Emmitt Smith wore 22.

How many kids does emmitt smith have?

Emmitt smith has four children

When did emmitt smith win the Heisman Trophy?

Emmitt Smith did not win a Heisman Trophy.

When was Emmitt Smith born?

Emmitt Smith was born on May 15, 1969.

What is Emmitt Smith's birthday?

Emmitt Smith was born on May 15, 1969.

When did Emmitt Smith Football happen?

Emmitt Smith Football happened in 1995.

Who wore jersey number twenty two before emmitt smith?

emmitt smith

Who is famous athlete with a last name starting with s?

Emmitt Smith Emmitt Smith

When was Emmitt Smith Football created?

Emmitt Smith Football was created in 1995-11.

What age did emmitt smith retire?

Emmitt Smith retired after the 2004 season at the age of 35.

What is the value of a Emmitt Smith 1990 Pro Set?

1990 Pro Set 685 Emmitt Smith $5.00 1990 Pro Set 800O Emmitt Smith O-ROY $1.50

Where did will smith grow up and with who?

were did will smith grow up at and with who

Who did emmitt smith play for in the NFL team?

Emmitt smith played for the Dallas Cowboys, and Arizona Cardinals.

Did emmitt smith go to Florida State or the University of Florida?

Emmitt Smith attended the University of Florida.

What was emmitt smiths dad name?

Emmitt Smith Jr.

Did Emmitt Smith have any siblings?

No he did not. He was lonley growing up with no father or siblings.