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did clint hurdle play College Football

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Q: Where did Clint Hurdle play college football?
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When and where did baseball player Clint Hurdle play?

Clint Hurdle debuted on September 18, 1977, playing for the Kansas City Royals at Royals Stadium; he played his final game on June 26, 1987, playing for the New York Mets at Shea Stadium.

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Dave Katz did he play college football or arena football? Dave Katz did he play college football or arena football?

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NFL player Clint Boling played for Georgia.

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What college did NFL player Clint Gresham play for?

NFL player Clint Gresham played for Texas Christian.

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Antonio Gates didn't play football in college. He went to Kent State, but didn't play football. Gates did play high school football though.

Did Mel Kiper play college football?

Mel Kiper didn't ever play college football or professional football. He went to community college of baltimore county.

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If someone is a high school football player why would he be eligible to play in a college football game?

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If if you have a scholarship

How many games did baseball player Clint Hurdle play as designated hitter for the Kansas City Royals in 1978?

Clint Hurdle played in just one game at designated hitter for the Kansas City Royals in 1978 and did not start. , equivalent to 0 errors per game (estimate based on total games played in).

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