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There are an extensive amount of eBay listings available that sell Ping Golf equipment, but it might be the best course of action to seek a local specialised sports/golf equipment store (where employees can provide some extra insight).

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Q: Where could one buy a Ping brand golf putter?
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Is putter pool a good golf brand?

Definetley not.. Go for the recognized brands like Titleist, Callaway, Ping, Bridgestone or some other brand

Who invented ping the golf brand?

Karsten Solheim, is the founder of Ping golf.

Who invented putter?

Karsten Solheim is credited with inventing the putter in 1959. Solheim worked for the Ping golf company and aided in creating new products.

What is the year the ping putter 1A 85068 was made?

1959 is the answer. I quote from the WEB-Site (Karsten Solheim invents the PING putter in his Redwood City, California garage. he names his putter "PING" because of the sound it makes upon contact with a golf ball. Two years later, he moves his family to Phoenix and continues his quest to improve golf club design.) Putters from PING don't "Ping" anymore. There are still 1A putters for sale. The new ones are not made of copper as was the original.

Where can someone purchase ping putters for golfing?

You may purchase a Ping putter for golfing, from the Ping website. If you would rather not pay a premium price, you may be abe to find them cheaper on eBay, or Golf Smith.

Where can one purchase putter golf clubs?

Putter golf clubs can be purchased at a number of places. For example, one can buy putter golf clubs at Canadian Tire, Golf Town, Sail, or Nike stores. Any Pro Shop at a Golf Club will also carry a wide collection of putter golf clubs.

What kind of golf putter does Zack Johnson use?

SeeMore putter

What is the best golf brand?

Personal preference really, Titleist, Ping, Taylormade or Callaway.

Which brand of golf equipment does Tiger Woods endorse?

He plays all Nike clubs, except for his putter which is Scotty Cameron.

What is a sentence for putter?

His putter and driver are missing from his golf bag.He tapped the ball gently with his putter and it went into the hole.

Where can one buy PING putters?

Golfsmith sells a range of golf equipment including golf clubs, putters, bags and Apparel. PING is a family owned company that offers game-changing technology and golfers have been using their products for over fifty years. The PING Nome 355 putter retails at $249.

Are you allowed to use the putter of the tee in professional golf?

You are allowed 14 clubs in your bag in any given golf competition, you can hit any of these clubs off the tee, and yes it could be but never would be putter.

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