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The Vancouver Canucks have a good online presence. Their matches can be followed on Facebook, You Tube and Twitter. Some matches can be viewed free on mylivestreaming dot com.

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Q: Where can you watch free canucks games?
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Where can you watch canucks games online for free?

you cant watch the games, but you can listen to them. if you go on game center live its only 5$ a months and its really good quality

How many playoff wins Edmonton Oilers against the Vancouver canucks?

1986: Oilers defeated Canucks 3 (games) - 0 (games) in Smythe Division Semifinals 1992: Oilers defeated Canucks 4 (games) - 2 (games) in Smythe Division Finals

Did the blackhawks outscore the Vancouver canucks in the 2011 nhl playoffs?

Blackhawks outscored the Canucks 22 goals to 16 in seven games, and the Canucks still won the series.

Who did the Vancouver canucks play in the first round of the 2011 playoffs?

The Canucks defeated the Chicago Blackhawks in 7 games.

What is the best site to watch free hockey games?

you can go on ESPN 3 to watch it

Why re canucks losing lots of games?

Because they suck

Websites where you can watch football games online for free?

Watch football online free here. See related link below

Who did the Canucks get for raffi t orres?

If you mean Raffi Torres, the Canucks didn't get anyone. He signed as a free-agent for the Phoenix Coyotes in the summer of 2011.

Where do you go to watch replays of baseball games for free?


How can you watch NFL games online for free?

you have to search google for a free TV website or go to and see if they offer all the games for free.

How many games did the Vancouver Canucks win in 20072008?

44 out of 82

Who has the most consecutive road games played in the NHL?

Vancouver Canucks