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Q: Where can you take sword fighting lessons in PA?
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Where can you find a place for cheerleading lessons?

Empire. if you live in pa it is in canonsburg and you can take tumbling and stunting a whole bunch of stuff.

Are there any medieval sword fighting schools near Johnstown Pa?

no, sadly there isn't but there is one just outside of phyladelphia. (dont think i spelt that rite i is not a well speler)

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I ride at an amazing barn that offers AMAZING jumping lessons. It is called Cedar Run Farms in Hampton, PA. You can get jumping lessons at most English riding barns, though.

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nkldwq s[pa

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CLO, located in downtown is always great!

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Diving lessons sound fun and if you love the ocean I would try these out. PADI e-learning or Underwater world are two places in PA that you can learn to go diving. Underwater world is open Monday-Friday and are found at 495 Easton Rd - Route 611 - Horsham PA 19044. Here is anther place in Hershey: Divers Descent Scuba, Inc. S-20995 817 Fishburn Road Hershey, PA 17033

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terces a sti now read it backwards

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Little's Dance Studio offers Belly Dancing Lessons on Monday Nights at 7:30 pm it is located downtown on 9th street between Sass and Peach

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