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You don't.

The way to get to the Olympics is to get real good at a sport, National Championship winner good, then wait until your national olympic committe asks you to participate.

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Q: Where can you sign up to compete in the Olympics 2016?
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How can you sign up to compete in the Olympics?

To sign up to compete in the Olympics you have to go through the trials in your country and attain the Olympic qualification scores.

Why do you have to be a certain up to a certain age to compete in the Olympics?

no no

Why does Australia compete in the Olympics?

To show up China

Is the Duran Duran tribute band RIO playing the 2016 Olympics?

Th the 2016 olympics already happened, just look it up.

How many countries participated in the greek Olympics?

In the original Greek Olympics only men from the city states that made up Greece were aloud to compete in the Olympics!

How do you compete in Tae Kwon Do?

Of course, most instructors will say you compete against yourself every time you practice ...There are local and regional TaeKwonDo tournaments all the time. You can sign up to compete in forms, board breaking, and sparring if you wish.So, go to a tournament and sign up...

How do you sign up for the olympics?

It's not possible to simply sign yourself up for the Olympics, you must earn a spot. People who go to the Olympics typically begin by winning events at a local level, then statewide, then regional. Eventually, if they are good enough, they may be able to go to the Olympics.

How old do you need to be to compete in the Olympics?

16 years old... but swimming and diving you can be 15 years old, and up.

How do you sign up for 2012 Olympics?

you first have to apply yourself to this, its a very motivation and responsiblity you have to have in order to be sucessful all the way. but you can sign up for the 2012 Olympics starting 4months before, you can go to

How did Tom Daley get to compete in the Olympics?

By hard training and competing in other competitions. He went up the ranks and into Olympic category for England.

How do you compete in the fairy Olympics in pixie hollow?

There are no Fairy Olympics in Pixie Hollow. The Pixie Hollow Games are over. But summer 2012 right now is Camp Pixie Dust. You can sign up in Havendish Square, but there really is no competing rather than winning the trophies, going on the quests, and simply earning the silly sweets.

What is the latest a person can sign up for the 2008 Olympics?

You don't sign up for the Olympics. You have to "qualify" in your sport thru local state and national meets or contests. Remember that you will be competing against the entire sporting population of the USA. Good Luck.

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