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T-Square Paintball, Jacksonville Arkansas

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Q: Where can you refill nitro or high pressured air tanks in Arkansas?
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How do you refill diving tanks after use?

refill at filling station

Does cAnadian tire refill co2 tanks?

Yes they do

Does Dunham refill paintball co2 tanks?

Call them and ask!

Should you refill your car with gas when the station tanks are being refilled?


Can you refill a hpa with a 100 psi compressir?

No. The tanks have to be around 2000 psi.

What is price to refill portable grill propane tanks in portland Oregon?

ballpark $40

How much does it cost to have 12 gram c02 tanks refilled?

you buy new ones not refill them

How much jet fuel does it take to get from Arkansas to Italy?

it takes 1 and a half tanks.

Can you charge a 12 oz CO2 cylinder at home?

No, you must have it refilled at a paintball field or pro-shop. You cannot refill paintball tanks from low pressure Soda dispenser C02 tanks.

What is a paintball thread protector?

A thread protector is a small, bottle like cap, that can be twisted on top of a tank. This is more commonly used on high pressured (or nitro) tanks due to the fact of how expensive they run. A thread protector does exactly what it says, protects the threads when the tank is not in the marker. Commonly the head of the tank will get nicks and bangs, which in turn can ruin the threads and strip them, which can put you out another $50.

Does dangerous power g3 run on just psi?

Psi stands for Pound Square Inch, which is a measurement of pressure. What you are thinking of is HPA or High Pressure Air tanks (sometimes called nitrogen or nitro) and yes, the G3 can only use HPA tanks.

Where can one buy water tanks for an office water dispenser?

The Culligan man is the easiest way to get refill tanks for a water dispenser. Usually only costs about $20 per month. It seems that Costco and Sam's Club are now offering this service.