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Berean Bible Church has a very legitimate volleyball league. It meets in the fall and the winter. The fall league is less competitive, and not-so-new beginners are often put on teams w/ experienced players to help them learn and improve.

The winter league is more competitive, and beginners are usually not asked to play. The player pool consists of recently and not so recent college grads who played volleyball for their college, older players who've been around vball forEVER and still know how to move, and athletes of all sorts who love volleyball and are looking for a place to play.

Contact Berean Bible Church office, and they'll put you in contact with the right people to get you involved. Bud Fields may still be in charge.

Hope it helps!

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@ the concord park in farragut, they have beach sand and a volleyball net

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Q: Where can you play indoor volleyball in Knoxville TN?
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