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On your property, or at a Paintball field.

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Q: Where can you have a paint ball fight?
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It is not advisable to paint a soccer ball. If it is a quality leather ball, any kind of paint would degrade the surface.

Can you get a paint ball gun in chester?

Yes you can get a paint ball gun in a winchester! See.

What type of paint is used to paint a golf ball?

Krylon Fusion paint

How do you paint a styrofoam ball?

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Do you need a gun licence for a paint ball gun?

no any one 10 and older can have a paint ball gun

What kind of paint can you have a paint fight with?

well i think crayola paint is the best because me and my sister always had a paint fight and we still do basically, and when my mom had to wash it out it came out like nothing happened.

Why doesn't the ball in a spray paint can get paint on it?

because it is non-porous.

Can you paint a bowling ball and it will stay?

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Is a marker another word for a gun?

yes in paint ball they call it marker but it really is just a paint ball gun

Is paint ball a sport?

Yes it is

What channel is paint ball on?

Paint ball isn't an official game/sport, so, it's not on TV at all. Unless someone dies in public because of playing paint ball, then, it might make it in the news. Or watch the show 'America's Funniest Videos' (AFV) and keep an eye out for a video on paint ball.

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