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Canadian hockey can be watched live on the various sports networks on cable. To watch clips and recaps of previous games, online video sharing sites such as YouTube are an excellent resource.

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Q: Where can you go to watch some Canadian hockey?
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Some could be cross checking, boxing, high sticking, and many more! If you were wanting more, go watch the hockey game

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you can go on ESPN 3 to watch it

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How do you watch live nhl hockey on the web in the uk as ESPN player no longer shows it?

go to your favourite team's site and watch the stream

How do you watch your favorite hockey team without getting nhl center ice?

You go to

How many teams did the male Canadian hockey team beat at the 2010 Olympics?

They lost only 1 time... GO CANADA!!

How do junoir A hockey players go to university hockey such as Boston university?

You can simply apply to the college and hope to get accepted and make the hockey team. Otherwise to get a hockey scholarship, it is best to play on a Junior A team that has a good record in order to have University Hockey scouts come watch the Junior A games. Most Junior A teams have University scouts watch games, but only stand out players will be approached by the scouts.

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