Where can you go to play curling?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Curling is a very popular sport in Canada.

It is also played in the across the USA in "Curling CLubs"

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Q: Where can you go to play curling?
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What sport does cyprus play?

Cyrus plays " Curling ".

If you need a broom to play what sport is that?


How did they play curling in the olden days?

on a frozen lake

What type of sport do they play in Manitoba?

they play hockey, lacross, football and curling.

What activities do Canadians do?

Play videogames, go online, go to school and work, go camping, skateboarding, go skiing, go curling, go swimming, go to local festivals, go play hockey, go play soccer, go hunting, go hiking, go canoeing, go kayaking, go to the beach, to to the mountains, go fishing...

Did the Stahl brothers Dad play hockey?

No. he played curling

Does the US play curling?

yes, but they are not as good as lots of teams

What happens if a curling game is tied?

you play another end

Who invented curling?

The conventional wisdom is that the Scots developed curling, but there is a strong case for Holland as well. There are Dutch paintings of either curling or eisscheissen which predate the development of curling by the Scots.

If you straighten your hair before curling it does it go frizzy?

no it doesn't. i straighten my hair before curling it all the time

What is it called having your horse go in circles?


Why do they play curling on ice?

The central concept of curling is sliding heavy stones down a long sheet of ice. It would be difficult to slide the stones on anything but ice.