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The YMCA or any local communtity or sporting center

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Q: Where can you go to learn how to wrestle?
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Where can one go to learn how to wrestle?

One can learn how to wrestle from a variety of places such as a local gym. One can also learn to wrestle by purchasing instructional DVD's that give demonstrations and examples.

Where can you learn to 'wrestle' in the UK?

do you want to learn to wrestle? then checkout and register your details, we have training schools all over the uk!

Can you go to college and wrestle?

yes you can actually get scholarships from schools to wrestle as well.

Where can you learn to Sumo wrestle?

A sumo stable in Japan would be the best place.

What did female spartans learn in school?

Spartan girls learned how to wrestle and did gymnastics.

What do they do on Wheel of Fortune if there is a tie after the bonus round?

They go in a ring and mud wrestle if they are women and if they are male they arm wrestle.

When will tickets for wrestle mania 26 go on sale?

Tickets for wrestle mania 26 are on sale as we speak... so go get your ticket before there gone =] hope this helps

What school in Tampa did Hulk Hogan learn to wrestle at?

Tampa bay wrestling collage of Florida

How do you start planning to go to WrestleMania?

To watch it or wrestle in it??

Where can you train to fake wrestle?

You DON'T theres no such thing as fake wrestling. Elements of the sport are fake, like a magic show, but it's very REAL, there are plenty of schools out there to go to to learn the Profession of Wrestling.

How old do you have to be to go on WWE?

At least 18 or 19 to wrestle or any age to go to watch it.

Why did King Tutankhamun have to learn to wrestle?

he prbly needed protection i mean he was a very young king wouldn't u want protection

Will tazz go to tna?

Yes. he is the mystery advisor for Samoa joe. he will wrestle

How do you get on the show of tna to wrestle?

go to a youth wrestling company that could get you promoted

How can you gain experience for a created female superstar on smackdown vs raw 2007?

You have to go on General Manager Mode and add your Diva on the roster that has an available spot for a superstar and every wrestle week (if they are on Raw, they have to wrestle on Heat or if they are on SmackDown they have to wrestle on Velocity) until they get on the experience that you want.

How will you get jerry lawer in svr 2011?

You can't unlock him to wrestle. You can only do it if you hack your system. I dont know how 2 hack though. you do not hack you have to go to wrestle manic to beat and unlock him

Does he still wrestle?

Does who still wrestle?

What is the future tense of wrestle?

Will wrestle.

What was life like for Spartan women?

They had more freedom than Athenian women. Spartan women could also learn how to wrestle and how to race.

What was life like spartan women?

They had more freedom than Athenian women. Spartan women could also learn how to wrestle and how to race.

Does batista still wrestle?

He did wrestle but he retired

How can you use wrestle in a sentence?

I like to wrestle

When will Jeff hardy retrun in 2010?

he might go to TNA or might not wrestle again

ICP should go on WWE or at least wrestle again?

They do wrestle sometimes, they just wrestled at the gathering 2007 and they also have their own independent wrestling promotion. Check (Juggalo Championshi* Wrestling)

Why do men wrestle?

Its a competition. Women wrestle too.